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Babe Ruth

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Babe Ruth National - BRN 13 years old

Players moving to BRN are now playing baseball on the same size field as major leaguers. One fundamental change is games are played to 7 innings instead of 6. The biggest transitions for players moving into BRN are; base running and adjusting to different pitching speeds as well as the overall pace of the game.

Players also learn what it takes to try out for a high school team.

Babe Ruth American - BRA 14 & 15 years old

Players in BRA continue to refine their skills and learn game strategy. Some of the objectives in this division are to teach players patience at the plate and develop baseball knowledge.

Senior Babe Ruth 16+ years old

Senior Babe Ruth is the division designed for the 16+ year old baseball player. Teams in this division will travel to neighboring towns during the spring and fall season. 

The focus is on situation hitting and fielding as well as advanced skill position development. Players are exposed to a variety of competitive games against teams throughout Fairfield County.‚Äč

Babe Ruth Rules (All BR Divisions)

All Babe Ruth divisions adhere to the official rules contained in the Babe Ruth rule book. A copy of the Babe Ruth rule book is provided to each coach at the start of every season.

Baseball Age Chart

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