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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment does my child need to play baseball?

We have a saying at Danbury Youth Baseball: All you need is a glove and a good attitude. The truth is, you’ll need a few other things as well. All players must have a baseball glove, a baseball bat (see the Babe Ruth Bat Regulations page for details about approved bats), a baseball batting helmet, baseball pants, a protective cup, and molded rubber cleats. Danbury Youth Baseball will provide all players with a jersey (typically a dry fit shirt), a hat and a pair of baseball socks. Children should also bring water to all games and practices.

When does the season start?

Our spring season runs from early April through early June and our fall season runs from early September though late October. The exact start date for the spring season depends largely on the weather and field conditions following the winter.

I would like to pay with a check. Do I still need to register online?

Yes. You have the option to pay by check or cash. To use this option you will need to visit the registration page, complete all required information and select pay by check.

Do you offer discounts for multiple child registrations?

We will now be introducing a "family maximum" payment amount of $350 to help alleviate the out-of-pocket cost to play baseball for families with multiple children playing at DYB. This family maximum amount applies to our in-house program only, and does not apply to the travel team fees, which must be paid separately. Additionally, we can't actually apply the discount to your order. Families with multiple children in the household should register all children in a single transaction and pay the full amount. Danbury Youth Baseball will then send a refund for any amount over $350 to the same payment method used for the original order.

How do I get on the mailing list?

You need to create an account with DYB to receive our email messages. Click "Login" in the upper right corner of our website to get started.

I saw the birthday cutoff date is May 1st. Why isn’t the cut off December 31st or done by grade level?

Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken Baseball established May 1st as the cutoff date to equalize the skill levels of all players within a division.

How are teams formed, when do they practice and how many games will be played?

Children in Double A division are assigned to teams by members of the Executive Board. Children in Triple A and Majors are drafted by the head coaches prior to the season.

The frequency of practices and which day(s) of the week are based on two factors; Coach and field availability.

Typically, a spring or fall season is comprised of 12 regular season games followed by a single-elimination playoff series.

Is it possible my child’s team will play less than 12 games?

It is possible for a team to play less than 12 games. This is primarily due to inclement weather. Every effort is made to get all 12 regular season games played. Generally in the spring we are able to get at least 12 games in before the playoffs. Sometimes we get in 14 games. In the fall, the weather is a bit more fickle and getting 12 games is tough. If we are running into weather related issues, we will change the playoff format to a single elimination.

Are games ever cancelled?

Sometimes. Our philosophy at DYB is simple: ”We only cancel games when the fields are unsafe to play ball.”

My child’s game was cancelled at 3pm and at 5pm the sun was out and the fields were dry. Why did DYB cancel the game?

Monday through Friday, the City of Danbury has the authority to cancel games at Roger’s Park if they are unable to get the fields lined and ready to play. On the weekends, DYB makes the call on cancelling games.

The other night my child’s game was not cancelled. We got to the fields and found out the game was cancelled 30 minutes before it was scheduled to start. Why?

Sometimes the crystal ball we use to determine if it will rain or not goes offline and we don’t get it right. The intent is to play ball. It is important to know that when a game is cancelled less than 1 hour before its scheduled start, DYB still has to pay the umpires. We do the best we can.

How do I become a coach at DYB?

We are excited you would like to volunteer! Please visit the Volunteer page of our website to learn more about becoming a coach at DYB.

I played baseball in college / the minor leagues / professionally, do I really need to be certified?

Yes. It is the rule.

Do you do background checks on your coaches?

Yes. In addition, we require all coaches to complete an online Abuse Prevention and Awareness training course every two years, in accordance with the Safe Sports Act. Please visit the Safe Sports Act page of our website for more information.

Are all people who sign up to coach a team picked to be a coach?

No. The DYB board conducts a review of all coaches each season. We review previous experience, on field behavior and take into consideration feedback from parents on all coach applicants.