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Cal Ripken Levels

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Mission Statement

Our league’s mission is to create an environment where children can learn fundamental baseball skills AND develop a lifelong love for the game. Each of the divisions below is geared toward that goal.

C Division - 6 and 7 Years Old (46/60)

Our “C” Division is geared to the learning athlete ages 6 and 7 years old. Fundamental baseball skills are stressed with more emphasis on practices than games. The field dimensions at this level are: Pitching mound is 46 feet from home plate and bases are 60 feet apart.

When games are played, coaches are permitted on the field during play to instruct players on the proper fielding positions and where to throw to ball to get an out. No score keeping is done during the regular season.

Batters are instructed by their coach on the correct batting stance. Pitches are “thrown” using a mechanical arm operated by the youth umpire. The batter receives up to 5 pitches with a hit or missed 5th ball ending the at bat. Emphasis is placed on swinging at strikes and running hard to first base. There is no stealing or leading.

The intent of “C” Division is to teach solid baseball skills. We also partner with local coaches to provide offsite training for this division at a very competitive rate.

Once a week (day of the week determined by coach and field availability) during the Spring and Fall seasons, DYB holds a clinic for all C league players and coaches. DYB board members and coaches assist in preparing fun and exciting fundamental skill stations to benefit players in this age group and help further develop a love for the game.

All Danbury Youth Baseball coaches are required to pass a Cal Ripken Baseball certification test. The league carefully monitors coaches behavior and on field conduct to insure the highest level of instruction is taking place.

B Division - 8 and 9 Years Old (46/60)

The “B” Division is a transition level. Players move from a pitching machine to “live” youth pitching. Younger players at this level apply the fundamental skills learned in the previous division and older players are honing their skills. The focus remains on teaching fundamental baseball.

Our objective is about keeping the game fun, moving the players into different positions and developing baseball skills. We strive to build upon, solidify and enhance overall player skills.

At the conclusion of the regular season each team participates in a double elimination playoff competition.

A Division - 10 to 11.5 Years Old (46/60)

In “A” Division the field dimensions remain the same; the pitching mound is 46 feet from home plate and base paths which are 60 feet apart.

Children in this division are taught to improve their skills through repetition. The mental aspect of the game also comes into play as kids learn to be patient at the plate, anticipate what the next play might be and react to a faster paced game. Active base running and situational baseball is taught at this level.

At the conclusion of the regular season each team participates in a double elimination playoff competition.

Major's Division - 11.5 to 12.9 Years Old (50/70)

The most important learnings in “Majors” is advanced situations, sportsmanship and respect for the game. Skill levels will vary from player to player but by this level each child should have a firm understanding of basic baseball skills; fielding a groundball, catching a fly-ball, proper batting mechanics and effective base running.

The focus in this division is preparing the player for their eventual transition into Babe Ruth Baseball (the Big Field). It is also a period where a child’s growth will change how they play the game. Some kids will grow 5 inches, others will become more muscular and some may develop into speedy runners.

It is important to teach players that to have success playing baseball they have to work with the skills they have and adapt to newly discovered talents. Success can be an awesome reward for perseverance and hard work.

At the conclusion of the regular season each team participates in a double elimination playoff competition.

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